Service Plans

All of our Service Plans are based on your vehicle's recommended service schedules including all parts, labour, engine oil and other lubricant requirements. The best part is, once you take out a service plan the price is fixed fo the duration of the plan. A Service Plan isn't just for new vehicles but also for used vehicles and existing customers can take up a Service Plan at any time to plan for future service requirements.

For more information or just to discuss any of your servicing requirements, please call us on 01392 477377 or contact us using the button below.

About Our Plans

Our service plan packages are designed from the ground up to give you great value and keep your vehicle in top condition.

Whatever car you have, we have a fixed-price service package tailored to suit you and your car – making life easier for you and keeping running costs down

Kia Care

Benefits include:

  • Excellent value for money
  • Fixed cost and inflation proof servicing
  • Your vehicle will receive a logged service history enhancing your resale value
  • Packages are transferable to your next vehicle you buy from us
  • Free MOT's for life
  • Our expert, trained technicians will only use genuine parts where available, using the latest and greatest service tools and diagnostic equipment
With a Marsh Garages service plan, you’ll have a full service history, enhance the resale value of your car and fix the price of your servicing for the future, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind for even longer.

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